Upcoming Summer Cookout!

1434125879-54eb810932a0b-02-red-barn-food-spread-0514-s2Dear Friends and Alumni of The Sterling Alpha Course:

I hope you are having a wonderful Summer and getting some quiet time to be refreshed in spirit!

Our Alpha Team has been meeting, working and planning for the next Alpha experience.  In September we begin Alpha FOUR.  Things always change and new and innovative ideas keep happening!

You are invited to a SUMMER COOKOUT, here at St. Richard’s following the 4:00 PM Mass on Saturday, August 11th!  Come down, renew acquaintances and enjoy the Alpha spirit.

You may begin to see Alpha ‘signs’ around town.  These are signs to be put on the front lawn (like the politicians do).  It is a way of getting the word out on Alpha.  If you have a space where one of these would look good-let us know!

As Alumni, you are our finest advertisement!  Please consider giving Alpha a push for someone who might benefit!  Meantime, be well and hope to see you at the Cookout!


~Sterling Alpha Course Team



2 thoughts on “Upcoming Summer Cookout!

  1. Hello there Alpha Team ,
    I appreciate the invite to the summer cookout but will be camping in the Berkshires this weekend ~ I’m sure it will be a great success !!
    Peace, Anne Faith Day


    1. Enjoy the Berkshires! Sounds wonderful! We will catch up with you another time! 🙂


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