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Alpha is a celebration and journey of joy!  We eat, we watch and we discuss.  We share and we don’t judge.  Alpha allows us to travel this journey at our own pace, and connect with participants that are supportive of your individual journey, and you of theirs.  Through openness and reflection, it can be as much of a life changing experience as you wish it to be.  It will not solve all of your problems, nor will it eliminate any pain that enters into your life, but what it will do is allow you to cope better with your life and allow yourself to stay connected to the joy that is found within all of else.             Jerry S. ~ August, 2018

“I was leaning towards giving up on faith and religion, and then ALPHA showed up.  They showed me what God had done for them and how I, too, could have a personal, meaningful relationship with Him. They showed me how God had done what they could not do for themselves. They showed me the limitations of my human will, my own efforts and showed me that I was made to rely on God, to trust Him and to live in joy. I am still a work in progress, a bit  defiant, but learning more and more reliance on Him.  Nothing in my life has changed, BUT everything has changed.  Thank you Alpha”       

2 thoughts on “Testimonials …

  1. I have enjoyed reading the comments around individual’s impressions of Alpha and how the program can have a positive effect on everyday life☺️

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